Our Impact on Others

This is going to be another long-winded, rambly post, but I promise, there is meaning to all of it.

As all of you already know, life is one hell of a ride.  For me, I believe that it is the people that we meet that make it so.  Who we decide to surround ourselves with can sometimes end up dictating how the ride goes and how smoothly, or bumpy, it is.

It’s funny how we can go our whole lives without knowing a person, but then you meet someone, and it’s like your world completely changes.  It seems almost impossible that you have, somehow, been able to live your life without them.  You just click with them so unexpectedly well and everything just seems like it is meant to be. They bring you so much joy, happiness, and laughter, and you can’t imagine your life without them.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting someone that has impacted my life in a way that no one has in a long, long time.

We met on a dating app called HER, started talking, and just clicked like we had known each other for years.  For her own privacy, we will call her Jenna.  Jenna and I talked on this app for a little while, but eventually exchanged numbers and quite literally talked 24/7.  It was truly like we had lived our whole lives knowing each other and were just continuing the process of getting to know one another.  After both deciding that we really wanted to meet, we picked a night to hang out and it’s been a ride ever since.

The first night with Jenna is one that I remember so vividly.  She came to pick me up and I was so nervous when I saw her car pull up to me.  I got into her car and immediately just put my legs up on her seat, close to my chest, nervous about how things would go.  In a matter of minutes, she had her hand on my lap and took my hand into hers and I just immediately felt better.  I was still nervous, but her holding my hand made me feel a lot less anxious.

We drove to my favorite place in Wethersfield, the Cove, and just sat there and talked.  I honestly don’t know how long we were there, maybe an hour, but we just talked and talked like we were old friends catching up on the happenings of each others’ lives.  Eventually, we kissed, and honestly, it really was wonderful.  I didn’t want to stop kissing her.  If I could have, I would have frozen that moment for as long as I possibly could.

We left the Cove and decided to go to Friday’s to get some food.  Prior to this evening, we talked about our love for the High School Musical trilogy (don’t fucking judge, you know those soundtracks are absolute BOPS (Bop to the Top pun certainly intended)).  I plugged my phone into the aux and put on Gotta Go My Own Way from High School Musical 2, and we literally had ourselves a movie-esque moment.  We started singing out to each other, being all dramatic as if we were actually Troy and Gabriella, leaving each other on the pool deck.  After our little moment was over, we both said that this was something that neither of us had ever done with someone before; being so silly and just not caring about how ridiculous we seemed, even though we had just met.

That’s when I knew that Jenna was something special.  I would literally never do something like that with someone.  There are friends that I have been friends with for years who I still would never do that with because I wouldn’t want to look stupid in front of them.  Somehow, though, I was able to do it with Jenna after only being with her for maybe an hour.

We eventually got to Friday’s and ordered our appetizer platter, hung out there, and just continued getting to know each other.  Even though we clearly got along so well, I think the both of us were still a little nervous and awkward, but it was never uncomfortable.  There were times when there was a silence between us, but it never felt weird.  We just would zone out, thinking about whatever was on our mind, and would come back to the conversation.  Shockingly, there were no awkward, first-date vibes.

From that night, just a little over a month ago, to now, I’ve had absolutely amazing times with her.  I have met her friends, most of which are absolutely lovely.  I have met some of her family and have even grown to care for her mother and her adorable niece.  I have bonded like no other with her dog, cats, and cutiest hamster.  I have told her things that even my closest friends, and no one in my family, knows. I sleep over her house a few times a week, and it is my absolute favorite; just being close to her and having her next to me all night is a feeling that I wouldn’t trade for the world. We literally just hang out whenever we can. We have gone on all kinds of little adventures, and we are always planning other ones for once it gets warmer.  We are even, sort of, in the process of planning some type of trip outside of the country.

Of course, in that time, especially with how close we have gotten, we have had some intense tribulations.  I think that our arguments can sometimes get so intense because of the fact that we connect extremely well and care for each other so much – it’s kind of like a, ‘when it rains, it pours’, situation.  However, when all is said and done, we apologize, make up and pick right back up to where we were before that, and everything is just like it was.

I have known her for such a short period of time, but Jenna is someone that I want in my life forever.  I really don’t think she is even aware of how much she means to me.  All I ever want to do is to make her happy – I want to give her the world and more.  I want to keep her safe and make sure that she is making the best decisions because I want her life to be nothing short of successful and amazing.  I want to pick her up when she’s down.  I want to be there for her through her best times and her worst hardships.  She has had such an impact on my life, and I can only hope that I have the same one on hers.

We often forget that we have an impact on everyone we meet.  Regardless on the size of the impact, everyone we come into contact with forms some type of opinion on us.  Meeting Jenna has really made me think about the impact I have had, and continue to have, on other peoples’ lives.  I really want nothing more than to just be able to impact everyone I meet in some sort of positive way.  I truly don’t think that most people today actually care nearly enough about how the things that we say or do, no matter how minute, affect the person we are saying or doing them to.  Jenna, and her impact on my life, has made me want to impact others the same way.

Everyone has their own problems that they are dealing with, and we should all continue to remember that, and meet every person with kindness.  We never know what hardships one is dealing with, and even the smallest act of kindness could turn someone’s day around completely.

I know that this was a lot of word-vomit to get to a point that seems so ~basic~ and something that we all pretend to be aware of, but it is something that we all should actually act on.  I think if everyone actually lived by the golden rule and treated others the way that they wanted to be treated, the world would be such a better place.

But, until we somehow figure out how to create that type of utopian paradise, the least we can do is try to impact everyone we meet in a positive way.  Little things like holding a door open for someone, smiling at a stranger, and just being more empathetic towards others are such little ways that we can positively change someone’s day.

Life is so short, and if you’re going to leave an impact on someone, you should want it to be a positive one.  We should all want to have an impact on someone’s life the way that Jenna has had on mine.  Your Jenna might be a lot different than mine, but we all have met people that have made us realize certain things about ourselves, and people that have made us want to just be better.

Be kind to others and remember that the impact you leave on someone’s life could be a life-changing one.


Samantha Drew

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