A Desire for Change

This is going to be a super short, straight-to-the-point, type post.

I haven’t been happy with my life as of lately, I really haven’t.  I am catching myself falling back into the patterns from one of my biggest breakdown from last year, and it’s pretty shitty.  But with that, I know the things that I need to change to get to a better place in my life.

The things that are making me unhappy are things that I know could be easily changeable, if I only put in even the tiniest amount of effort – and that is what I plan on doing.

At the end of the day, we control our lives with our actions, or lack thereof .  If there is something making you unhappy – change it.  If there is someone making you more unhappy than happy – toss them.  If there is more that you feel like you should be doing in your life – do it.

As humans, we are notorious for making excuses for ourselves to get out of doing things that seem like they are just ‘too hard’ or ‘unreachable’.  We set these bullshit boundaries for ourselves, and by doing this, we are automatically setting ourselves up for failure by restricting what we think that we can and cannot.

It’s something that we are all guilty of, and something that we should all stop doing.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you don’t like something – change it.

I am v inspirational, I know.

As always, I hope you’re all well and reaching every goal you’ve set for yourself – ‘lawd knows that I need to start doing that myself.


Samantha Drew

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